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Don’t let the name fool you:
                     Where Is My Cheese L.L.C.,  has nothing to do with actual cheese.

This company was founded by Wall Street early retirees, Ex-Rat-Racers. We  read "Who Moved
My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson, M.D., and consequently decided  that the rat race was over
and the RATS had won. We had done well, kids grown, managed to save some money. It was
time to kick back and become more charitable and useful in the community. So... we decided we
were going to help others find  their cheese.

We started this company to enable the small businesses and non-profits of our community to
have a professional presence on the Internet. We are looking to help you find your cheese or
become a bigger cheese as the case may be. So...after a little wine and cheese we decided to
name of our business, 'Where Is My Cheese L.L.C.'

Our Credo
  • We at WIMC L.L.C., are committed to providing the highest possible level of customer
    service and products to our clients in a timely manner.
  • We are inventive, knowledgeable, and resourceful professionals who are dedicated to our
    clients, to each other, and to the greater community.

We Promise to:
  • Work closely with our clients in developing exceptional products that suit their business
  • Pay the utmost attention to detail at every step of product development.
  • Pledge to understand our clients; their businesses and their goals so that we may work with
    them to achieve success.

Every day we will strive to:
  • Help our clients achieve their goals.
  • Develop contemporary, cutting-edge, effective products.
  • Be responsible to our online community.
  • Support our local community through charitable service.
  • Foster pride and joy in the workplace.
Where is My